Festivals, festivals, festivals!

After our world premiere at Frightfest@Glasgow Film Festival, Bloodlands screened at FANTASPORTO in Portugal where some of the lucky Albanian cast and crew (Gëzim Rudi, Suela Bako, Ilire Vinca, Tan Kazazi and Dritan Arbana) joined writer/director Steven Kastrissios to present the film. The screening went well and the team had a blast in Oporto where the festival took great care of the team. Oporto is a beautiful city and FANTASPORTO now comes highly recommended by us! 

The next festival was BIFFF (Brussels) where lead actor Emiljano Palali joined Kastrissios to present the film. BIFFF is a huge festival and this year celebrated its 35th edition. Bloodlands screened in competition as part of European selection. Again the festival took great care of the Bloodlands team, despite making the director sing on stage as part of the long-held tradition at BIFFF. 

Next, we have our USA premiere at Nashville Film Festival, also screening in competition. The film will screen twice and this is the first non-genre specific festival Bloodlands has been a part of, so we're curious to see how it goes. The screening is tomorrow night, so wish us luck!

We've also just been notified of two more major international festivals we've been selected for, and will announce shortly (when we're allowed). Thanks for your support!