Suela Bako wins BEST ACTRESS @ Nashville Film Festival!

Suela Bako has just been awarded BEST ACTRESS at the 2017 Nashville Film Festival in USA. The award was handed out in the Graveyard Shift section where BLOODLANDS was playing, along with a fantastic and competitive selection of films. 

Writer/Director Steven Kastrissios attended the festival and had this to say:

"I always knew Suela would win an award for her work in Bloodlands. It was just a matter of time, her performance is too good not to be recognised. She paints with her full palate of colours to bring the role of the family's matriarch to life and everyone who witnesses her performance has thrown tremendous praise upon it. I'm so glad to have been witness to her process. She was the hardest working actor we had on the production. She was always academically digging further into the script and the character, to understand every aspect of what I'd written and was able to pull out nuances I never would have thought of, to create a fully realised mother struggling with the challenges of modern life in Albania".